We WORK FOR YOU, but nobody knows..shhhhh. Rebrand, market and resell Solar Monitoring under your own persona...your logos, your colors and your custom design will be what every one of your customers see. We remain the invisible “brains behind the operation,” working alongside you every step of the way. Your monitoring program will be designed...JUST FOR YOU!

You can even give customers the option to have their own colors and logos or maintain your branding. Either way, the system is always “POWERED BY YOU!”

Use data monitoring to increase the value in your sales package or sell it as a separate service to increase your bottom line. Whatever your choice, data monitoring is a robust product to add to your sales arsenal.

What is White Label Solar Monitoring?

White Label Solar Monitoring gives you your own data monitoring service to sell - without the hassle of building it from the ground up. 12 years ago, we had our first system, version 1.0, up and running after more than $220,000 spent and 18 months of hard work. 12 incredible years and hundreds of successful monitoring systems later, we have spent the past year upgrading our entire 1.27 platform to version 2.0, which improves on our already fantastic monitoring services with a comprehensive cloud-based platform and limitless customization.

Let us be the data monitoring arm of your company. We are the experts and we will bring a solid product line to your organization.

When you partner with DMS, you immediately add custom data monitoring to your product line and a team of experts to handle all the technical operations of your new monitoring program. We’ve perfected data monitoring so that you don’t have to.

Ready to have your own custom monitoring program?

Here’s how to start...

Getting started is easy. Choose from our selection of plans or customize a plan that works for you. An upfront fee of $1,500 is required to set up your master portal and monitoring dashboard. This fee also includes one three-year contract to use yourself, or a client of your choosing.

Once we have some basic account information from you, we’ll have everything set up in as little as one day. After that, you’re ready to add systems as you sell them or include them as "Added Value" inside a package.

What Will White Label Monitoring Cost?

The quality of our versatile data monitoring combined with unparalleled value is why we are the leader in the data monitoring sector.

With White Label Monitoring, you can be at the forefront of the data monitoring market - complete with your own data monitoring department - without all the overhead and headaches...that’s our job.

Here’s how it works: you pay an agreed-upon wholesale rate for each monitoring contract you add. Then you decide if you want to mark it up and sell it or include it in your sales package as a “added value” item...it’s up to you. NOTE: You’ll also be able to upsell to existing customers by retrofitting previously installed systems.

You can choose one-year, three-year, five-year, ten-year or monthly pricing options or we are always open to discuss custom packages. Contract pricing may vary based on your level of commitment. For example, by purchasing at least five three-year contracts per month, you’ll significantly reduce the per-contract price compared to purchasing one contract at a time.

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We’ll work with you on how you want to handle YOUR Monitoring renewals with YOUR customers. If desired, we’ll send automated professional emails branded with your logo and information on your behalf, notifying your customer of their upcoming renewal. If you’d prefer to handle renewals yourself, they can easily be added and managed through your online portal.

The Convenience of a Cloud-Based Portal

With 24/7 access through your organization’s online portal, managing each of your client’s installations and adding systems is a breeze. Your online portal gives you a crystal clear, comprehensive overview of all system activities and doubles to send out automated marketing information about your company and any promotions you might have.


We take your business very seriously. DMS has been in business for 13 years, our parent company for 25 years, and we understand clearly the importance of confidentiality. Rest assured, your information and your clients' information will be kept on secure servers and only authorized users will have access.

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