There’s a reason solar energy is the number one alternative energy source in the world. When you decide to implement a renewable energy source like solar energy, you’re doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet and with DMS, you advertise that your business is green-friendly. And with DMS, you have the assurance of a system that performs how it should - that’s our promise...GUARANTEED!

Our specialization in Solar Monitoring Systems (SMS) is your advantage. We can accommodate nearly any size, shape or configuration you have installed, whether one inverter or hundreds, a new system or a previously installed solar energy system. Once connected, you’ll have full control over back-end reporting, alerts, system management and your brand-centered front end to share with the world.


Our expertise in building custom Solar Monitoring Systems goes back more than 12 years and we have hundreds of systems being used worldwide.

Our systems have unmatched customization for better brand awareness including...

  • Your Logo
  • Your Colors
  • 24/7 System Management
  • Reporting
  • Error Alerts

We’re confident you’ll love our solar monitoring systems - in fact, many of our clients ask for their own solar monitoring programs for resale. Check out our White Label Solar Monitoring program.

How does it work?

It’s easy. To get started, choose from one of our many plans, or customize a plan just for you. Our plans range from one year in duration to 10 years, and are typically setup in 2-3 days depending on several factors, such as available connections to your data logger and whether your system will be newly installed or needs to be retrofitted to a previously installed system.

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The Power of a Cloud-Based Portal...

Monitor from anywhere with our cloud-based systems. 24/7 access means you can view system details, reports, alerts, designs and control every aspect of your customized system, anytime.

You’ll have critical knowledge of your system’s real-time output, energy accumulation and all system activities - now that’s power.

Market Your Eco-Friendly Business...

Having your customized SMS in place is a reason to celebrate, but don’t let the fun stop there. Share your eco-friendly business with your clients and customers! Scream to the world, “WE’VE GONE GREEN!”

Our superb displays are a great way to market by demonstrating how you’re a company leading the way in caring for the Earth. On top of that, our marketing team has the expertise to share the “WE’VE GONE GREEN” message in the most effective way so that your brand gets EVEN MORE exposure. Press releases, social media posts, blog posts and other focused marketing strategies work to promote your brand.

Our marketing department is here for you anytime to make your brand shine.

Learn about DMS, our data monitoring and how it can integrate with your system.

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