Inverter Level Reporting

Our inverter level report feature allows the user to get a detailed view of a systems performance over any time period and drill down to a specific inverter and even the interval data set to help determine proper operation or troubleshooting. [...]

Intelligent Data Technology

iData TechnologyTM (iDT) is the brains behind every DMS Solar Monitoring System. Unlike most other solar monitoring companies that just directly report the logger or inverter output, iDT is a series of proprietary algorithms that analyzes that data and many other data points [...]

DMS-New Inverter Level Graphing

DMS is committed to responding quickly to customer requests and feature upgrades, especially when it helps increase troubleshooting efficiency. DMS has recently added inverter level graphing to our reports system to give the user an even easier way to quickly identify proble [...]

New Advertising Feature

In today's day and age, being able to get your message out to users and your audience is key. When you hook up your NEW SOLAR MONITORING PROGRAM, you not only have the fully-customized front-end, the comprehensive back-end, but you also have the option to add a slideshow [...]

DMS Launches New Solar Monitoring Program

After a year and half of development, testing and design, Data Monitoring Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their upgraded Solar Monitoring Program. Since 2006, DMS has been setting the standard for Solar Monitoring, and now with this upgraded system, they leav [...]

DMS Announces New Development of SMS v2.0

Look out! Version 2.0 of our solar monitoring system is now under construction. With many great new features and improvements on our previous version to make the leader in data monitoring EVEN BETTER. This will be the best version of the DMS solar monitoring system yet. W [...]

Version 2.0 Is on Its Way

DMS will be rolling out the long anticipated, version 2.0 on January 1, 2020. The new version will feature several updates which take our solar monitoring to new heights. Our updates always have you in mind, and version 2.0 is no exception. User-focused upgrades mean that [...]

Data Control Center Dashboard

When you log in to your Data Control Center, your Dashboard gives an instant overview of all the systems health, output and savings allowing to to quickly identify problems or access systems. [...]

Demo Solar Monitor

Here's one of our DEMO Solar Monitoring Overview "SMO" systems. The data is LIVE, only the branding has been changed for demonstration purposes. This system is 650kW, has 8 locations, 18 inverters and 18 data loggers. [...]

DMS Info Sheet

Here's our current Info-Sheet that gives a basic overview. Contact us for a live demo to see all the features and options. CLICK HERE [...]

What is Solar Monitoring?

Solar monitoring is a critical part of a healthy, well-functioning solar energy system. After all, you've invested in solar energy and you know the costs to get your system up and running. But why spend all that money and have a system that runs poorly or, even worse, [...]

How Solar Monitoring Can Help Promote Your Company

Anything that generates something for a business can be incredibly powerful. Of course, the most obvious thing that benefits a business is anything that generates revenue. In the case of solar energy systems, energy is generated, and in the long run that can positively im [...]

DMS' Mission to Mars - Lockheed Martin

When we started this venture, travelling to Mars was not in our agenda, but we're glad to have the chance. Okay - maybe we're not travelling to Mars, but our data monitoring system could be. With Lockheed Martin's 2.5GW solar energy implementation, the glob [...]

Glaxo Smith Kline Goes Solar

We love to see small and large-scale businesses alike switch to renewable energy, but it's a treat to see a company like Glaxo Smith Kline go solar. As a global healthcare company, GSK is taking preventative medicine to a whole new stratosphere with their commitment t [...]

Engage Customers with the Right Touch

Wouldn't it be nice if you could show off your commitment to eco-friendliness to your clients and customers in a more interactive, stylish way? With DMS' touch screen displays, now you can. Our new touch screen displays have the right touch to engage customers [...]

Version 1.3: New Year, New Version

We're ringing in the new year with SMS version 1.3. As part of our unwritten New Year's resolution, we've delivered our upgraded PV monitoring system. Our focus with this update was to further our commitment to user-friendliness with even more customizability [...]

DMS Launches Version 1.2 with Enhanced Alerts

We're always looking to improve, and now world's best in solar power monitoring systems gets even better! SMS version 1.2 is here, and a new version means upgrades.What's new in version 1.2?We wanted our user interface to be as problem-free as possible and versio [...]

Nike Makes the Choice to Go Green

We're excited to announce that DMS is the solar monitoring service of Nike, which has committed to renewable energy and sustainability by implementing solar energy at the Nike World Headquarters.Switching to solar is a major milestone for any company, and we're thril [...]

Data Monitoring Solutions Launches SMS v1.0

Data Monitoring Solutions, LLC has released version 1.0 of our Solar Monitoring System! Now businesses can take going green to the next level with the best solar monitoring system available. We're on a mission to help make going green as easy as possible with a data moni [...]

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