DMS Launches New Solar Monitoring Program

After a year and half of development, testing and design, Data Monitoring Solutions is excited to announce the launch of their upgraded Solar Monitoring Program. Since 2006, DMS has been setting the standard for Solar Monitoring, and now with this upgraded system, they leave the competition in the dust. "I thought I was fired up 13 years ago when launched version 1.0, but this new version has features I could have only dreamed of." Says Founder and Co-owner Conrad Eskelinen. This new upgrade changes from a .net and Flash platform, which was the premier programming languages 13 years ago, to the now more versatile, stable and multi-device compatible upgrade allows companies to take full advantage of our customized front-end, as well as the new comprehensive back-end, complete with a detailed reports systems, alerts, weather cross-referencing and a whole slew of other features. CLICK HERE to view a demo FRONT-END. If you are interested in finding out more about Solar Monitoring, contact DMS at 888-351-5333 or email

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