Version 2.0 Is on Its Way

DMS will be rolling out the long anticipated, version 2.0 on January 1, 2020. The new version will feature several updates which take our solar monitoring to new heights.

Our updates always have you in mind, and version 2.0 is no exception. User-focused upgrades mean that anyone using the DMS platform will have enhanced management and control over their solar monitoring systems.

Here are the major implementations and enhancements in the newest version of our PV monitoring system:

  • Increased Compatibility
  • Greater Versatility
  • Recoded in PHP and CSS to be flexible for all client needs
  • Advanced reporting
  • Enhanced dashboard for integrators to manage all systems

We appreciate the feedback that we have received from all our clients to help perfect our systems. We hope youíll find version 2.0 to be the easiest and most powerful version of ANY solar monitoring system you've used yet.

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