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Established in 2006, Data Monitoring Solutions has become the standard for data monitoring services. No more lifeless graphs and engineering specs to tell the world about your green-conscious efforts, now you can display your energy production with pizazz, branded with YOUR LOGO, YOUR COLORS and even YOUR UNIQUE STYLE.

DMS has quickly become a leader in providing secure data monitoring. Our highly sought-after services are dynamic and versatile, allowing integrators to do what they do best and take full advantage of our world-class White Label Monitoring Program.

Here are just a few businesses we have provided monitoring services for over the years...

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DMS provides a clear and concise integrated solution for your solar monitoring needs. Our animated graphical displays give instant, real-time power outputs, as well as information about the solar installation.

In addition to a comprehensive set of management charts and reports, our Display Dashboard is an excellent way to give your visitors and customers a high-level view of your important energy-saving initiative and your commitment to Green Energy.

  • Custom display interface highlights key metrics
  • Multiple systems can be combined into a single overview
  • Drill-downs can point to an individual site's performance
  • Solar Education Center Video PLAY VIDEO
  • System Specs and Photos
  • Highlight Partnership Logos


Our Back-End Portal Is As Powerful As The Front-End

From one system to hundreds of systems, you can manage every facet of your monitoring program: display settings and daily, weekly or monthly reports are under your command. With 24/7 cloud-based access, you're in complete control.

Overview Dashboard

Reporting System

24/7 Access

At home, at work or in the Bahamas, the power of DMS is in your hands. With our cloud-based system, you and your team can easily manage systems or view statistics and reports from anywhere in the world.

Automated Reporting

We know how important it is for things to run smoothly. With automated reports, you choose how often you'll receive overview reports of your system's stats - daily, weekly, monthly or never.

3D Site Rendering

Our contracts come with a FREE basic visual 3D rendering of the installation site so that customers and clients can see it on your display. Just provide us with the basic layout and photos, and we'll take care of the rest.

Compatible With All Mobile And Tablet Devices.

Learn about the leader in energy monitoring systems and how we can integrate data monitoring with your system.

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Let Your Brand Show

Fully customizable images, logos, colors, gauges and other features let your display monitor match company branding.

Let Us Help Your Brand Shine!

Let Unicus Marketing, a DMS sister company, make your brand shine. With 25 years as a full-service marketing firm, you can manage every facet of your monitoring program: display settings and daily, weekly or monthly reports are under your command.

Unicus Marketing handles all 3D renderings, videos and other marketing content. Enter your email below to speak with a Unicus marketing expert today to discuss how they can serve you.

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